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I help others to understand themselves, by listening to your story, feelings and thoughts you have around it. I took all my ingredients as  knowledge, experience and practice and created my own environment, tools, techniques and lifestyle that also became a new way for me to teach and help other people with. So today am I here ready to share with you how I found my power, balance and abundance in my life, and I look forward to getting the chance to help thousands of people reach the same limit in life that I did by following my pattern.

There was a time in my life when I wasn’t my best me, a time when I had lost myself in all kinds of performance.


My Specializations


  • Massage,
  • Kopping
  • Personal Training


  • Coaching for teenager
  • Group conversation
  • Coach  Guidance 


  • Healing
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Angel card reading

+ services

  • Workshops
  • Lecture

UpComing Event

Connect with your body

60 MIN
This class will give you the basic movement in pilates and also some talk about how we can be more friendly to our body .

In health there is freedom,

health is first liberties



Affordable Life Hacks

Living in Style

Freedomhealth Living .

This is for you who are searching for programs, workshops, courses and lectures specially designed for women.

If you are serious about setting your women heart and mindset free and looking for the final missing piece to get past your blocks and live your empowered, beautiful goddess existence to your fullest capacity. This can be your way to break through your limitation.

I have developed my skills through own life experiences and my years as a coach personal trainer, bodytherapist and healer.

Body transformation , mind-block release and a free heart is the 3 pillars to create transformative results.
I work with tools and techniques that will give you the confidence and clarity to become a successful healthy women who empower your self to live a healthier life.

If you want to know how this works and you are interested in running your own life.
Feel free to book a call and speak with me for a consultation to get yourself enrolled.

psst… im Malin 






I am a woman that want to make a different by empowering other women. I believe that if the women of the world become healthy and empowered, we can heal our children, our relationships and our land. I believe it is the women of this world who have the power to do so, and it all starts with loving ourselves. I love the idea of setting women’s heart free. When I decided to set myself free from my limits and block my whole world change. It was a really breakthrough I striped out the mind blocks I had around confidence, my body, personal success and self respect. I took all my knowledge, experience and practice and created tools and techniques that I could teach and help other women’s with. And I also gave the result a name, which is FreedomHealth Living. I hope I can get the chance to help thousands of women reach the same limit in life that I did by follow my pattern.

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